Dr. Angel Iscovich, MD

Angel Iscovich is author of the new book “The Art of Routine: Discover How Routineology Can Transform Your Life.” He has been referred to as a philosopher who happened to be trained in medicine. From philosophy, to psychiatry, to emergency medicine, and from the emergency room to the board room. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and immigrating to the United States, Angel’s life has been a journey of thought, medicine, and compassion in the hopes of making for a better world. Residency training in Psychiatry and the interest in human behavior made Emergency Medicine the perfect venue to explore crisis in its very essence, and insights into human nature. As a CEO he exercised leadership, organizational development, and strategy in the corporate health care sector. He now serves and guides several for profit and non-profit boards. As the past Board Chair of Direct Relief, a top-rated charity in the United States, who responds across the world to provide humanitarian relief, one sees impact of our social contract.