Kathleen Thompson

Kathleen Thompson is a leading human resources and talent management expert. In her most recent role as Vice President of Human Resources at Limoneira Company, Kathleen oversaw all areas of compliance, recruiting, retention, compensation, and benefits for employees in seven business units, covering several counties located in California and Arizona. Limoneira (NASDAQ: LMNR) is a publicly traded, 128-year-old agriculture and real estate development company based in Ventura County. Kathleen is an expert in recruiting, training, and retaining the workforces vital to agriculture, supply chain and fresh food products for a global population. Prior to her HR role Kathleen was the Senior Accountant for the company. Kathleen has experience in several industries, including legal, automotive, accounting, energy, and government. Board Service –Kathleen has served on the boards of the Limoneira Company Federal Credit Union and the Agricultural Personnel Managers Association (APMA).