Trevor Goodwin

Trevor is a radio and television professional, producing for the Big Ten Network, Stephen Curry’s Unanimous Media, and the NFL Network. He’s also contributed to the iconic RedZone Channel with legendary host Scott Hanson.

Trevor Goodwin developed a passion for both music and sports from a young age, thinking he would follow the musical footsteps of his Grammy and Emmy award-winning father.

Trevor played various sports and multiple musical instruments in his youth, focusing on music as an Acoustic and Electric Bass player while still following and growing his passion for playing basketball, volleyball and other sports.

Trevor grew up outside Los Angeles, and graduated from Westlake High School. He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. While studying music, Trevor discovered his talent for broadcasting, his natural gift for storytelling, and a voice that commanded attention. Trevor quickly found his niche behind the microphone, hosting shows and captivating audiences at the Berklee Internet Radio Network.

Trevor completed his education in sports and broadcasting, graduating from Indiana University with a sports broadcast journalism and telecommunications degree.

Trevor new resides in Los Angeles, working in the sports and media industry. He continues to pursue his passions and the adventures ahead.

Trevor is available for speaking, moderating, and broadcast reporting opportunities. He can be reached via People Talent Agency at (800) 600-7111 or by emailing [email protected]